How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Front Door?

The inviting entryway of a residential home.Your home’s front door is one of the most important parts of its exterior and provides invaluable security for your family. Plus, your front door influences your home’s appearance and energy-efficiency. So, if you’ve noticed that your front door is failing, you might be starting to realize that a replacement is in order. But how much can you expect to spend to replace a front door?

Front Door Replacement Averages

Examining the costs of thousands of front door installation projects across the country, you’ll probably see that the average falls somewhere between $1,000 and $12,000. Unfortunately, such a large range doesn’t answer many questions about door installation, so it’s important to consider the factors that determine these costs. Some these include:

  • Customization options
  • Overall door quality
  • Manufacturer warranties
  • Contractor costs
  • Regional price differences

With so many variables, it can be tough to figure out what factors are most important to consider when it comes to your front door. Choosing a front door with premium features or selecting an experienced contractor will almost certainly increase costs. However, the added benefits of durable, energy-efficient products and reliable installation are extra costs that most homeowners are happy to pay for peace of mind.

Work With a Local Door Expert

The best way to understand the benefits and costs of a front door replacement is to reach out to reliable local contractor—like All Contracting. Contact us today to learn more about the features of our front doors and schedule a consultation at your home.

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