Bi-Fold Patio Dooors

Create a Stunning Entryway With Bi-Fold Patio Doors at Your Boise, ID, Home

Patio doors are unique when it comes to exterior doors. While most exterior doors main responsibility is to be a secure gateway to the home, patio doors have to do more. After all, the ideal patio door should create a blend between the indoors and outdoors, and invite residents to enjoy their outdoor living space. If that sounds like a feeling you’d like to evoke at your Boise, Idaho, home, turn to Boise Custom Windows for beautiful bi-fold patio doors from Pella® and professional installation.

What Is a Bi-Fold Patio Door?

The most common comparison to a bi-fold patio door is an accordion. Bi-fold patio doors consist of several connected panels that fold outward and can span the entire length of a wall. Additionally, bi-fold patio doors panels conveniently stack when the doors are fully opened, letting in air and natural light to create a seamless transition between the inside and outside. With distinctive design and attractive wood frames, bi-fold patio doors can be a modern and exciting addition to your home.

Work With a Trusted Team

At Boise Custom Windows, homeowners have been working with us for years to improve their homes. Our team is completely dedicated to customer service and exceptional products, so when you work with us you can have confidence that you’re working with the best company for your home.

To find out more about our bi-fold patio doors and installation, contact Boise Custom Windows today and schedule a consultation to discuss a project at your Boise, ID, home.

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